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I am Poison

is temptation.

Poison seductively flows until the eventual corruption of the soul’s purity.  


The bond between delicate and expressive singing with an electronic, imposing and sometimes cinematic sound represents the desperate attempt to give voice to the resignation, confusion and restlessness of human nature. 


Reason wildly entangles with instinct. Fragility and fear oppose anger and cruelty the way black clouds white. 

I am Poison


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I am Poison is like a phoenix, born from the ashes of troubled times, the day that Federico and Luca decided to express their creative minds free from limitations. This dynamic duo is no stranger to music, having spent the majority of their lifetime immersed into it. 

The roads they travelled led them to a common path, where they merged their crafts, attributes and personalities to give shape to the core of I am poison


“It just felt right, it’s like turning on the tap inside of you 

and letting it pour, even if it makes a mess”
Luca Saliu


“I am Poison. It’s me, intimate in my favorite place,

strong enough to improve and put fragments of myself back together.”
Federico Filippo Refolo

I am Poison



Christophe has over 23 years experience in the Animation & VFX industry, beginning his career at Apple, then Walt Disney Feature Animation as Technology supervisor. He is now Framestore’s Global Head of Technical Resources, managing procurement for all VFX productions worldwide, empowering more than 2500 artists across 3 continents. Having contributed to over 60 blockbusters including HARRY POTTER, AVATAR, GRAVITY and the recent MARVEL sagas. He brings a huge amount of experience, passion and energy to the team.

Christophe Meslin

Executive Producer


Andrea Alchieri is a young fashion designer born and raised in Milan in 1997.

Since when he was very young he nurtured a strong passion for painting and creative drawing handed down, like every tradition, by his grandfather’s artistic DNA.

After high school Andres decided to apply to the renowned Istituto Marangoni in Milan, a school that he always looked at as a secret wish, an excellence for creative young people.

From there began his stylist journey, focusing on menswear, of crazy and imperfect imprint, contaminated by his own passions and obsessions, that can sometimes make it confusional: like for example fantastic tales, deconstructivism’s aesthetic and forgotten melancholic environments.

After a brief experience in Inditex, specifically at Zara in Spain, Andrea currently covers the role of junior designer at Fendi in Rome. At the same time, he's also developing his own brand that bears his name Andrea Alchieri.

Andrea Alchieri

Art Director




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